The Styling Curves ™ brand is all about trust and integrity. I believe in being transparent with my followers. Often I use my own money to purchase products, services or entertainment. However, Styling Curves ™ is a business. Due to this, I do collaborate on projects with people or brands I enjoy. Some times I make money along the way by using affiliate links which allow me to earn a commission if you decide to buy an item I’ve mentioned.

Other times, I’m gifted free products, services or entertainment. Whenever I partner with a Brand, person, paid sponsor, affiliate or am gifted an item I will mention it in the post. The method of which I obtain a product, services or entertainment does not affect my opinion or reviews. I would also like to mention that I am selective about who I collaborate with. I have turned companies down who were not a good fit for me or my followers. My opinion and thoughts are always my own so there are no conflicts of interest. I will only stand behind products, services or entertainment I enjoy.